There are a lot of places to see sunrise or sunset around the world and Baisha(白沙) in Kenting National Park(墾丁國家公園) is one of those. It’s well worth visiting though you need a car or a motorcycle to get to the sightseeing spot. I went there on an e-scooter, which could ride without a driver’s license. I asked where is famous for the setting sun to a shopkeeper of a scooter rental shop in Kenting town before going touring. he recommended Baisha Bay and Cape Maobitou(貓鼻頭) to me. I visited Maobitou first but I gave up the idea of watching the evening sun there, because I had to pay admission to the cape and a crowds of people ware lining up at an entrance gate. Time was running out, so I rode off toward Baisha in a hurry. Contrary to Maobitou, The bay was deserted and free. Only the sound of the waves echoed around there. When I went down to a sands and turned my eyes on the west, the sun sinking below the horizon was gradually dyeing the sky and the ocean brilliant orange. I admired the breathtaking scene for a while and started to take a video of it with my smartphone, and then I heard a man screaming ‘Hallelujah!’.

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